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After-sales service details


Thank you for using the electro-magnetic therapy device.
Thank you for purchasing "Electromagnetic Therapy Device Soken", "Electromagnetic Therapy Device Soken Relax", and "Electromagnetic Therapy Device Magspace" manufactured by Soken Co., Ltd.
If you have any concerns about the following symptoms, such as Soken, which is nicknamed the magnetic shower or gourd type, please send it for inspection, repair, or remodeling before anything happens.

↓ ↓ ↓ Please be sure to prepare in advance ↓ ↓ ↓
Please have the product name and serial number on the back of the product .

Electromagnetic therapy device Soken


Electromagnetic therapy device Soken Relax


◆ Inspection ◆
* If you are worried about whether to repair, such as "There is no malfunction, but I am worried about using it." "Is this a malfunction?", We will check it.
* If you wish to have an inspection and it is deemed necessary to repair, we will call the customer to confirm the repair consent.
* We will estimate the repair cost.

* If the treatment device has any trouble, malfunction or damage, please send it for repair immediately. It is dangerous to use it as it is because it is moving.

◆ Remodeling ◆
If you have been using it for more than 10 years and have any of the following symptoms, malfunctions, or damages, we recommend that you remodel it.
If you wish, even those who are less than 10 years old can of course remodel! !!

◎ A repair request form is required for repairs and inspections ... For details, please download and check the repair request form below.
You can download the repair request form.pdf. Click the product name below ↓

* Inspection, repair, and remodeling will be charged. Please note.
* We cannot accept repairs for the "Soken" and "Soken Relax" main units, or only the "dedicated timer". Be sure to send the treatment device and the dedicated timer together.
* If repair is deemed necessary even if the inspection request is made, the customer will be called to confirm the consent of the repair.

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